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How do I sign up for a class?


You can sign up for classes using the WIX APP. The app is easily downloadable to any smart phone. You can view our class schedule, see how many people are signed up for a class, pay for a single class, purchase a package of classes and even book appointments. 

click here to download the wix app.

What are the class sizes?

3-6 students.

Our classes are small. Pole Classes are no more than 3 students. All other classes are no more than 6 students. Our small class sizes allow our instructors to give more personalized instructions to their students. 

Can I book 1-on-1 sessions?


Most of our instructors have scheduled time available for one-on-one private sessions. Please see our schedule for appointment availability.

A Pole Party vs A Pole Class.

What is the difference between a Party and a Class?

Pole Parties are more novelty where a Pole Class is more commonplace. 

A Pole Party is great for a group of girls who want to try pole dancing together for fun or just to see if they like it. Often girls will decide from attending a pole party if they want to join a weekly pole class or not.

Why is there a price difference between a Pole Party and a Pole Class?

Pole Parties are not part of the studios regularly scheduled program, therefore instructors need to adjust their own personal schedules to host the party. Parties are also more dedicated to the needs of the individuals attending the party, which means the instructor has a more difficult job to do than her usual weekly class.

Do I need experience to join a class?

Depends on the class.

Most of the classes offered at Focus Fitness Studios are what we call OPEN LEVEL. In the class description of each class it will specify if the class is considered and Open Level class or not. Yes, even for the Pole Classes.

I'm out of shape...

I'm a bigger girl...

I'm an older woman...

Can I still take a pole class?


We think those are all great excuses but not great reasons to not try something. Pole is like any other physical activity, you come to class to learn, to get stronger, to get better. The more you do a thing the better you become at doing that thing. The real question here is, do you want to take a pole class?

Are men allowed to take Pole Class?


Men are welcome to join a pole class if they are truly there to participate and learn. Focus Fitness Studios values our students and we strive to make everyone welcome and comfortable in all of our classes.

What do I wear to class?

workout clothes.

Wear clothes that allow you to move freely and comfortably. Moveable, breathable clothing such as sweatpants, yoga pants or leggings work perfectly. All of the classes offered at Focus Fitness Studios are fitness classes - yes, even the pole classes. 

What NOT to wear to a pole class


We repeat, do not put lotion or moisturizer on before coming to a Pole Class. You will slip right off the pole. Do not wear jewelry. No rings or bracelets or long necklaces. These items have the potential to damage our poles and interfere with your workout.

What is Open Pole?

time to let it all go...

Open Pole is not a Pole Class.

It is scheduled studio time for students to come in and practice their 'Pole Goals". There is always an instructor or an advanced student in the studio during open pole.  There is no class curriculum being instructed during Open Pole. It is not recommend to come to an Open Pole if you have not taken at least 3 classes with us or another pole studio.

What is Liquid Motion®?

A floor work class.

A class that utilizes the floor as its primary apparatus. 

Liquid Motion® is a program that teaches students how to achieve seamless and natural movement. It encompasses basic dance theory, sensual movement, self-exploration and body awareness. If you wish to develop more fluidity, individual style and challenge your creativity this is a great class to take. We suggest dressing in layers (fitted pants, leg warmers, long sleeves or capped sleeves and knee pads) for a more comfortable movement experience.

For more information on Liquid Motion® click here

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