Who We Are?

We are the result of Focus Fitness & Self Defence, Scarlet Studio Pole Fitness & Dance and Fierce Efforts Personal Training combing their passions. We now make up a unique and diverse team of fitness professionals that are dedicated to your fitness goals.

Meet the Team


Alvin Lewis


Alvin began his athletic career at the early age of eight with ice hockey. Later, he went on to participate in basketball and track & field where he received numerous awards during his high school and college years. As time passed, Alvin began to take kickboxing and from there Krav Maga. Alvin holds a Black Belt in Krav Maga and is a Certified Coach in the discipline. He is also a Certified Kickboxing Instructor, Sembah Instructor and a Pencak Silat Instructor with Satria Arts. Alvin has more goals lined up to achieve an exciting journey for himself and his students.

DeShawn Riely

Self Defence Instructor

DeShawn began shadowing his older cousins interests in Martial Arts when he was 10 years old. Interest became a necessity for DeShawn who grew up in a rough city, often being forced to defend himself from bullies. At 18 his necessity transitioned into love and he began studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Boxing. Expanding his knowledge of Martial Arts he studied Krav Maga in two different systems and earned himself an apprentice belt in each system. DeShawn is a Certified Teaching Instructor for the Sembah Phase of conditioning fighting drills. He is currently studying Satria Fighting Arts and is a Self-Defence Coach with Focus Fitness. 

Wendy Dayle

Scarlet Owner/Instructor

Wendy has been Pole Dancing since 1997. She began teaching Pole Dance as a part of an Adult Continuing Education Program in 2004. In 2008 she filmed several educational videos with Expert Village. In 2009 Wendy found herself working with Industry trailblazer Pantera Blacksmith with led to the creation of the New England Pole Dance Showcase (NEPDS) which ran for several years. Wendy is a certified elevatED Pole Instructor and Flexibility Trainer. She also hold certifications in Liquid Motion Levels I & II. As an instructor she encourages her students to 'worry less and dance more'. Wendy's classes focus on pole flow, low flow, sensual movement and freestyle movement.

Kae (xe/xem/xyr or they/them) *

Scarlet Instructor

*Kae is nonbinary and uses either xe/xem/xyr or they/them pronouns.  


Kae began xyr movement and dance journey as a toddler in gymnastics classes, so it made perfect sense that xe was instantly hooked on Pole Dance & Fitness after xyr first class in 2014. Kae loves the combination of art and sport that both gymnastics and pole provide. Since childhood Kae has been expanding xyr repertoire of movement to include: trapeze, lyra, lollipop, silks, rope, chains, yoga, acro yoga, aerial yoga and flexibility training. Kae is a small ball of remarkable energy and ability. Xe joined Scarlet Studio in 2017 and has been a constant source of motivation and insight for xyr students and colleagues alike.  

Cristin Kimbrel

Scarlet Instructor

Cristin studied Tap, Jazz and Ballet as a young adult. She started teaching classes in her late teenage years and into her early 20's. Life has a way of getting in the way of us doing the things we love and Cristin hung up her ballet flats and tap shoes while she pursued her college/carrer/life goals. However Cristin never stopped loving the art of dance and when the opportunity to take a Pole Dance class in 2016 presented itself, she didn't hesitate. Cristin quickly advanced from a Beginner Student to an Intermediate Student and began showing interest and natural ability to teach what she was learning. Cristin trained under Wendy Dayle for 2 years before she began teaching Basic Level Pole Classes for Scarlet Studio. Cristin's zest for dance and movement is inspiring and impressive. The level of energy and 'you can do it' attitude the brings to her students is unbridled and she is a pleasure to work with.

Jaclyn Connolly

Scarlet Instructor

Jaclyn, or ‘Jax’ as we have affectionately named her, is Scarlet’s newest instructor. Her journey was filled with ambition and determination. Jax came to Scarlet with an impressive background in body building, which suited her well for the power moves and tricks that Pole Dance has to offer. She easily landed tricks simply because she was just so strong but she struggled with grace and flow and flexibility. Jax plunged herself into Liquid Motion Classes and Flow Classes and Flexibility workshops and over a summer got her splits! Within a year Jax’s Pole Flow was looking less like a stiff branch being pushed by the wind and more like water flowing around a rock. Jax began training under Wendy Dayle and Cristin Kimbrel in 2019 and with their help and guidance Jax has now developed her own style of teaching Pole Dance that incorporates her knowledge of Body Building. We are pleased to have her join us as an instructor and confident in her abilities to teach students all the tips and tricks she learned along her pole journey.

Chauncey Palmer

Fierce Efforts

Chauncey is a Certified Personal Trainer and an inspirational individual. He began his Personal Training journey in 2018 and quickly found that people enjoyed working with him. As a result he branded a name for his passion: Fierce | Efforts. Chauncey offers his clients one-on-one personal training sessions, small ground training sessions, specific workout plans and meal plans. His dedication, devotion and discipline to his clients is clearly evident and he expects the same in return from his clients. His motto: "Your goal is my goal, but only you can change you."

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