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Who We Are?

We are the result of individuals combining our passions together.  We make up a unique and diverse team of fitness professionals that are dedicated to your fitness goals.

Meet the Team

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Sushi Swordsman

Alvin Lewis


Alvin began his athletic career at the early age of eight with ice hockey.  Later, he went on to participate in basketball and track & field where he received numerous awards during his high school and college years.  As time passed, Alvin began to take kickboxing and from there Krav Maga. Alvin holds a Black Belt in Krav Maga and is a Certified Coach in the discipline.  He is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Kickboxing Instructor with ISSA, a Pencak Silat and Yoga Instructor with Satria Arts.  Alvin has more goals lined up to achieve an exciting journey for himself and his students.


DeShawn Riely

Self Defense Instructor

DeShawn began shadowing his older cousins interests in Martial Arts when he was 10 years old. Interest became a necessity for DeShawn who grew up in a rough city, often being forced to defend himself from bullies. At 18 his necessity transitioned into love and he began studying Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Boxing. Expanding his knowledge of Martial Arts he studied Krav Maga in two different systems and earned himself an apprentice belt in each system. DeShawn is a Certified Teaching Instructor for the Sembah Phase of conditioning fighting drills. He is currently studying Satria Fighting Arts and is a Self-Defense Coach with Focus Fitness. 


Mia Shabazz


Two years ago she was at one of her most unhealthy stages in life. She was unmotivated, pre-diabetic and knew she needed to make a change but didn't know how.  God had a plan for her and she met Alvin and the focus fitness team by pure chance.  She went from being unmotivated to a dedicated student then from student to trainer! She’s 45lbs down and two years later, she’s the one who tells her own story, teaches kickboxing, yoga and motivates!  Come join us and let's all improve our lives for the better!

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